here are almost all of the tweets from the incident with fra. 

the tweets that are missing are p useless if i’m not mistaken. the missing tweets wouldn’t make him look better or worse. 

he refuses to apologize for the use of slurs, continues to use the slurs after being asked not to, and explained why they’re offensive. 

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    for those who were curious and want to form an opinion
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    Oh my goodness, I am soooo hurt by the opinion of this stranger on the internet.
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    “being offended doesn’t make you automatically right” oh so fra was right to be using the word bitch now hmmmm??? even...
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    I’m not defending a “fav character or whatever” I don’t actually know much about Fra at all, I seriously just think that...
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    Hi, feminist here I used to use that word a lot, either because I didn’t realise it was a misogynistic slur, or - later...
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    I’m sorry but this is fucking ridiculous and Fra has done nothing wrong. Those people were majorly overreacting. I have...
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